Membership Terms & Conditions

The facilities are available to members only.
1. There are four types of membership:
   a.    Adult: Available to 18 years and over
   b.   Concession: Students in full time education or with student card.
   c.    Junior: Available to 18 years and under, whose legal guardian has accepted all the conditions and signed the application form.
   d.   Temporary day: For visitors paying the appropriate fee, signing the visitor’s book and accepting the conditions of  membership.
2. Although the club does provide a qualified lifesaver, all members enter the pool at their own risk. No responsibility for loss, damage, injury or accident will be accepted by the club or committee members.
3. Under 9 year olds must at all times be accompanied by a responsible person of 18 years or over:
4. The responsible person on duty reserves the right to restrict admission of members when the pool is busy. 
5. The responsible person on duty reserves the right to close the pool if:-
   a. They are the only responsible adult on the premises.
   b. The number of bathers falls below 5.
   c. The weather or water temperature are not conducive to safe swimming.
   d. As a result of an accident or injury.
6. Non swimmers, as assessed by the Lifeguard, are not allowed beyond the red line. 
7. Membership cards are not transferable.
8. Membership cards must be shown on every entry. No card no entry.
9. The pool is a smoke and vape free area.
10. Dogs are prohibited, except guide/assistance dogs.
11. The plant and pump room are out of bounds.
12. No photography during public sessions.
13. Glass is prohibited. Litter to be placed in bins provided.
14. All members are expected to be aware of the Pool User guide, Rules and Code of Conduct.
15. Any breach of these Rules or Code of Conduct could result in the members being barred from further swimming that day.  Persistent nuisance could result in temporary or permanent expulsion from the club without refund.