Family Session Bookings

Wiveypool are operating a booking system in order to control capacity and maintain safe distancing. Swimmers can book one week in advance, from the Monday of the week before.

Family swimming sessions:

Monday to Friday:  2 x 55 minute sessions at: 15:30- and 16:30

Saturday and Sunday:  4 x 55 minute sessions at: 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

The maximum capacity is about 25 people per session. 

Safe distancing from people outside of your household must be maintained.

Session Basics

You will have 5 minutes from the time that you arrive (on time) at your session to get into the water. At 10 minutes to the hour you must leave the water. (On Weekdays this is 20 minutes past the hour). This will be signified by a whistle. Please leave the water immediately.

You then have 5 minutes to prepare yourself and vacate the premises. If you need longer then please get out earlier.

Abiding by these times will ensure that you get the maximum time in the pool and allow those coming in after you to maximise their time in the pool.

Please ensure that you arrive on time. If you are late you will still have to leave the water at the allotted time.

Booking Schedules

Day Visitors payment is CASH only, on the gate.

Please ring the pool to cancel your booking as early as you can. We reserve the right to charge people who do not cancel their booked sessions in advance and/or those who do not show up.

Click here for:-  Family Session Booking

If you would like assistance with your booking please contact the pool on 01984 624720.